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Spirulina Health Benefits, Side Effects And Nutrition Facts

Spirulina health benefits: fact or fiction?There are a large number of reported Spirulina health benefits, and it is increasing in popularity as a supplement and food source, even being branded one of the ‘super-foods’ and ‘future-foods’ by many companies. NASA, the World Health Organization and several governments of developing nations have shown an interest in it. But as with many supplements and less well known food sources, it is not always easy to distinguish scientifically proven fact from optimism and clever marketing. This article discusses some of the possible Spirulina health benefits, current scientific evidence, Spirulina nutrition facts, and possible Spirulina side effects. Spirulina is expensive as a supplement, so if you are going to invest your hard-earned cash in it, make sure you read this article to see if it is really worth it.
Spirulina in tablet form as a supplement See all 5 photos Source: By Perdita at the English Wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons What is Spirulina?Spirulina is an edible blue-green micro-alga which grows wild in Africa, Asia, Central and south America. It is made into supplements also, as seen in the picture here. There are technically 2 different kinds of spirulina: Arthrospira Platensis and Athrospira Maxima. These 2 species were re-classified as Arthrospira rather than Spirulina. However, the general word Spirulina has stuck as it has been used for so long.
It has been used as a food for centruries by South Americans and North Africans. It grows wild in fresh water lakes, though has also been grown in processing plants in some countries since the late 1960′s. It has an adaptable nature and is known for its survival ability – perhaps another reason it has received such a name for itself.

Spirulina nutrion factsTo understand the reason why there are so many reported Spirulina health benefits, it is worth looking at its nutritional content, as this is where the claims to it being a super-food are based: the rich and varied nutritional content.
According to the US National Agricultural Library’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, the nutritional content of 100g of dried Spirulina is listed in the table below.
Please bear in mind when looking at the table that the nutritional values are listed per 100 grams. In reality, you would be eating no more than 6-10 grams of Spirulina per day if taking it daily, with the occasional possible therapeutic booster dose of around 16 grams.
Spirulina nutritional content


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Come And Get Best Cancer Treatment In India

Cancer hospitals in India offer treatment to overseas patients at a much lower price compared with the cost of cancer surgery in hospitals overseas countries. In India, medical treatment centers for cancer treatment are in New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Surgeries for cancers have produced successful results 85% in India entirely cure patients.

The development of advanced procedures lead to cancer surgery increased survival rate and improve the quality of life. The survival of cancer patients have returned to work normally as before. Due to low cost of cancer treatment in india and the availability of surgeons with experience in India, cancer surgery hospitals in India are gaining popularity abroad, many patients from Western Countries are attracted to India to get their cancer treatment at low cost makes.

Cancer is simply an abnormal growth of cells in different parts of the body must be treated in a timely. All cancers begin in cells, the body’s basic unit of life. Cells make up tissues and tissues form organs of the body.

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Team Fitness America Now Offers Food Delivery

PressRelease) Now offering food delivery, Team Fitness America proves to have an all in one fitness program. Team Fitness America aligned with Diet To Go because they make their own food fresh within a quality controlled facility with no outsourcing.

Team Fitness America announces fresh food delivery capabilities through their newly united affiliation with nutritional company, Diet To Go. People who are unseasoned fitness enthusiasts that truly desire an all-in-one fitness program now have the ability, through Team Fitness America, to acquire a certified personal fitness trainer and a weight loss program combined with healthy, great tasting food delivered right to their doorstep.

“Getting an in home personal trainer to put you on an effective fitness program is just half the battle,” said Dave Giordano, Director of Operations for Team Fitness America.

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Upon graduation from high school, there is no doubt that you will surely start your tertiary education in college or university

Upon graduation from high school, there is no doubt that you will surely start your tertiary education in college or university. At age twenty, children will not be covered by health insurance of their parents and this can be disastrous if they are merely study and do not do part-time job. Some universities or colleges may have insurance plan offered to students. These insurance may not answer all your needs but you need to be meticulously considered it.

Most of the universities and colleges offer student health insurance plans. These plans should absolutely be at reasonable price, and can give you the school’s nearest hospitals. This option is one that you should definitely think of, if your son or daughter is enrolled in a college far away from home.

College health care scheme may vary from college to college due to laws and some other factors. Many students may think medical services are free of charge, but it is not always true. In term of clinic visit or routine checkups they may be free, however students still require to pay for special kinds of lab tests and other specialties such as x-rays, prescriptions, and a wound treatment. Compensation usually covers some types of service stated in the health care offered at college health centre. When you are referred to see an outside doctor, then the coverage will cover only 70% of your total expense and you are at risk to pay high medical cost.

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Rushfit – Simple Information To Achieve Success In Health And Fitness 201

Basic Information To Have Success In Physical Fitness

If you are out of shape and seeking to get fit for the first time or even a skilled athlete, the proper understanding can often help. When you know how your body can operate and what you need to accomplish, you can make all of the changes you need. Use that which you learn here to discover the best results.

Opposition and weight training are good alternatives for athletes. Several athletes do not consider weight training, however it is quite useful. Research has confirmed that athletes who frequently fat train can run farther and faster without getting fatigued than the ones who do not lift weights.

Do attractive legs be wanted by you? If so, consider lower knee increases, both seated and standing. Your achilles tendon are split into two different sectors so working them in a number of ways will give the best results.

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