Overseas Medical Treatment (medical Tourism) Consider The Options

With health care costs skyrocketing, many people are looking elsewhere for treatment options. And it’s no wonder: just a week’s stay in the hospital WITHOUT ANY PROCEDURES can cost you $15,000 or more[1].

That elsewhere is turning up in places like India, Thailand, Panama, and Argentina – countries in which the medical establishment has made significant investments in training and equipment to provide the best in care and treatment – second to none. And, they’re places where the economies are still emerging, which has a significant impact on costs.

These services have fallen under the rubric, “Medical Tourism” – the notion of combining the service of medical treatments with an opportunity to expand one’s travel horizons.

And why not? Laparascopic, prostate, hernia repair, gastric banding, dental implantation, and other treatments can cost far less in say, India, than in the US – a tenth to a fifth as much. And treatment is quick – once you’ve made arrangements, you don’t have to wait in interminable lines. Finances are just as easy. In most cases, a comprehensive quote is given before you even purchase your airline tickets. Billing is also comprehensive and usually taken care of with a credit card at the end of treatment.

What about the doctors? Are they competent? Very. In fact, the doctors you will see were very likely trained in the US at some point in their careers, or they have worked in the US, or they are participating very actively in the international medical community. So, yes, the doctors are quite competent – and they’re up on the latest medical technologies and treatment. In some cases, they are even leading their respective fields.

Finally, when all is said and done and your treatment is completed, you can visit the faraway places that most only dream of or read about – hospital facilities typically have connections with tour companies at discount rates to fill or at least pique your wanderlust. It’s a great side-benefit!

So, is medical tourism right for you? Medical treatment overseas may be just the ticket you’re looking for – if you don’t have health insurance or your insurance has determined that a wanted procedure is ‘elective’, or there are other impediments to your getting the treatment you want, it can be very much worth your while to investigate your “Medical Tourism” options.

As always, you should investigate your options and requirements as they apply to your situation. (One place to do this is by participating in a forum we have set up for just such a purpose – see the link in the resource box. The forum is free to all, you just need to join to participate.) Treatment overseas adds one more choice to your set of options – an option that can greatly reduce costs, and give you the opportunity to explore another part of the world, while you’re at it!

[1] Source: personal experience.

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