Putting on Weight Sure is Easier Than Taking It Off!

I was looking at a book on the table at my grandmother’s house. It was one of those protein diets. My uncle saw me looking at it and told me how that he lost weight on that diet, several times in fact. I thought that was funny. He was referring to how he would go on a diet and lose a few pounds then do it again after putting the weight back on. I knew that there should be a better way to lose weight, so I looked into a medical weight loss program rather than the fad stuff that was floating around out there in books, DVDs and kits.

I remember my mom having some kind of kit of cards from a diet guru in the 1980s. She would pull out cards for what she ate every day. It worked a little bit for her, but I had zero motivation to do that. I think that is why all of these programs have a run of success. They can work for a time for some folks, but we are all different. We all need different motivators and methods to keep us on track with a good diet. Losing weight is a whole lot harder than it is to put it on. It will creep up as you get older even if you are eating the same stuff in the same amounts.

I finally found a medical weight loss program that worked for me. It helped to keep me motivated and on track with my weight loss goals. Having the extra energy instead of feeling worn out was a definite plus. I do not think that your diet should leave you feeling tired. If anything, it should give you more energy encouraging you to get out there and be more active. We just do not know enough about nutrition, and we need the help to lose weight the right way.

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